About Us

Welcome to Blessing's Loft - What treasures will you find?

When we were little on Sundays after church our grandmother would let us play in her attic. Her New jersey home had a big attic and it was filled with her vintage jewelry and old clothes and Grandpa's fishing and camping gear. (She and Grandpa loved the outdoors). Grandma called it her "Loft"  and we used to go treasure hunting there whenever we got to visit. So many of our favorite childhood memories were made in that Loft! So we named our family owned store Blessing's Loft in her honor.

Our family is so diverse, you will find wonderful spiritual gifts, great clothes and one of a kind jewelry as well as great finds from all over the world. One sister is a graphic artist so we will offer more and more unique and customizable designs throughout the year as well.  Be on the lookout in 2020 for items honoring our military and first responders as those ties run deep in our family as well. Keep coming back for great gift ideas and other unique items we personally love. Our goal is for you to visit us often to see all our new finds and hopefully find the same joy we found as kids rummaging through Grandma's Loft!